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Dear customers,

Please note that as of October 2019 we will no longer be shipping our products directly. We may make a comeback in the future, but only as a FULL-SERVICE NDSS supplier of all diabetes supplies including test strips, infusion sets and CGM supplies. You can buy our products online at

I think it is important for carers and those living with Type 1 to have easier lives when it comes to ordering your required supplies, that is why I would like to recommend everyone registering with and ordering from Diabetes WA. They are the ONLY place in the country that can order your NDSS consumables and supplies online using your NDSS and Healthcare Card details.

Your only other choice for ordering your NDSS supplies is over the counter at your local pharmacy, then waiting, then coming back to pick up, or waiting again, then picking up again later than that. Type 1 lives are difficult enough. Get on with it, and order everything except for insulin from Diabetes WA and have it delivered to your door.

Other on-line outlets for our wipes are: