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Finding that this week is the beginning of March was almost as shocking as discovering this puppy of ours was about to turn one.  Little L said the only way to celebrate was with a doggy party. Checking our sanity at the door, we said ‘YES! Of course!! Let’s invite all the dogs we know to come and play with Kira’. So they did. And like Marie Antoinette, we let them eat cake.

With a baby human, the milestones are more marked, as month 9, 10 and 11 the baby inches ever closer towards walking, eating, talking, and becoming more of a little person. With a baby dog, the milestones are less, rather than more, and so easier to miss. Less eating of books, (down from 5 a week to around 2), less destruction of toys in my girl’s room while she sleeps, and less frequent delivery of presents to the lounge room floor (bark, sticks, leaves, potplants, and poo. Now only on rainy and boring days). She is my affectionate ‘bathroom dog’. I thought my girls growing up would finally allow me to close the bathroom door to shower peacefully … but now there’s a furry black head that pokes its way around the door each morning taking advantage of a person held captive for a moment to sneak a rub behind the ears. Little L falls asleep giggling quite often, while Kira licks her arms and face, or I have to banish her telling the two of them to ‘break it up – tomorrow’s a school day!’

There have been times where I’ve wondered if we did the right thing bringing Kira into our lives… when L is furious over her glasses being chewed up, when I find my last intact g-string buried in a pile of mud in the back garden, and all the girls’ hair elastics keep disappearing only to appear in a slobbery mess inside Kira’s mouth, but I’d do it all again, a thousand times. She’s going well on her public access training, and is really calm and well-behaved with piles of people coming up and saying hi. We’re behind on our scent training which I’m disappointed about, but also not really surprised given the craziness of our lives. It doesn’t really matter though, because we’ll get there, and she’s already alerted to numerous highs and lows, and saved L’s life one truly freaky night I’ve tried not to think about since.Birthday seconds?-1

Just briefly, L had gone to bed and I wouldn’t normally check her blood sugar again until 10 pm when I go to bed, around 3 hours later. This night that would have been disastrous, and but for Kira, I don’t like to think what would have happened. Instead, L called me back in to her room, because instead of coming out to play again Kira was lying across her like a dog blanket, which we both thought was weird so I agreed we should test. Her blood sugar was fine at around 10 mmol/L so I reassured her. L wasn’t convinced though, and she said something didn’t feel right, and Kira wouldn’t get off, so I checked her pump just to give her peace of mind and let her drop off to sleep. It took all my acting skill (none) to remain straight-faced and calm when I realised she’d somehow entered 90 grams of carbohydrates into her pump that she hadn’t eaten that night.

I disconnected the pump, worked out how much I’d need to feed her to cover the 90 g, and felt marginally pleased that she was already starting her ‘WOOPS’ from a 10 instead of an in-range 4-6 mmol/L. I also did a little panic dance and played with my glucagon since the man was in China again and I wasn’t sure I remembered how to use it. I checked her every 30 mins, and over the next 3 hours, with a combination of 2 juices, Up and Go, (an awesomely massive hit of 30 grams!) and jellybeans, until she swatted me to go away with all my stupid food, I kept her up just above 4, plugging her back in to the pump at around 9 pm.

THANK YOU KIRA, MIRACLE DOG BLANKET.  She would have been able to detect on Lauren’s breath that she was dropping at a very rapid rate.

How do you thank such an awesome dog? You invite around 6 other dogs, and make her a meat cake.

I took lots of photos, but on review I found I had lots of blurs of fur, legs, and vanishing tails. Dogs don’t sit still for photos. They all had a great time (I think?) and went home with doggy bags full of smackos and treats.


Lauren and Kira cake