About us

Why did we start this website? Because we live every day with diabetes, like many of you. It’s hard, and invisible,  and sometimes funny (nude finger pricks in the shower, anyone?) but most of all, it’s LIFE. We want it to be a good one. Little L will make her own decisions, but our hopes for her are that diabetes will be the punctuation, and not the headline in her life. Hopefully one day it will be cured, and it will be no more than a footnote. Until then, I’ll be writing, with other contributors, to bring you all we know to  ensure living with diabetes is a life lived to the full – a life full of adventure.

I’ve blogged before, at Falling Face First, and community – WOW. What a great thing community is. I hope we can build a new family here.

Meet ours.



Clayton is an Industrial Designer and runs his own design and manufacturing business. He’s a busy, busy, (is there room for another ‘busy’ here?) guy. He’s also my husband, and dad to L and A, 5. You know what they say about needing something done and giving it to a busy person, right? I told him I needed finger wipes for L, so he made them. Enter DB Wipes.

He’s the life of every party. He never sleeps. He may actually be 500 years old.

This is me – Kim


I’m L and A’s mum. I’m also a Medical Editor and writer, now Communications Manager 4 days per week. I’m very interested in healthcare, luckily, as I followed my gut when it came to Little L’s diabetes diagnosis. My house is a bomb. I wear a miner’s torch on my head for 3am fingerpricks. I’m committed to my 6pm wine.  Just the average life of a diabetes mum. Some days I’m not sure whether to scream or do an interpretive dance… one day I may do both.

Little A

A is a sweet, caring, kind girl full of empathy. She loves her imaginary world, her books, plaiting hair and hanging upside down from a tree or the parallel bars at gymnastics. She is incredibly attuned and sensitive to her sister and her family’s needs, always quick with hugs and care. It can be tough for a little monkey growing up in the shadow of diabetes. We let her know how special she is.

Little L

Little L is a cheeky, charming and quirky 7-year-old who is quickly going on 16. She takes her diabetes in her stride, and will show her pump and her deft finger tappings off to anyone who asks to see. Finger pricks are borne without complaint, but pump set changes? Ouch. There’s usually some bribery involved. She is not defined by her condition. She’s had rough patches, with kids, with pain, with equipment failures, but she bounces back smiling. Her attitude inspires me to want to do the best I can for her. I want to make things as easy and straightforward as they can be, in this diabetic life.