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What are DB Wipes?

DB (DiaBetes) Wipes are small finger cleaning wipes designed to  give more accurate blood glucose test readings with every blood glucose test.

Why do I need them?

Having residue on your fingers, such as food, dirt, and even crayons can give falsely high blood glucose readings, which can lead to dangerous effects if an excessive dose of insulin is given. Severe hypos or even coma can result. The other alternative, alcohol wipes, can give falsely low readings, and are tough on the skin. Washing your hands isn’t easy if you’re out and about, busy at the beach or climbing a mountain.  Wipes in your kit is a convenient way to trust your result.

Where can I buy them?

Currently they’re available  here on our website, but we plan to distribute them through pharmacies as our company grows. We’ll update you as stockists increase.

How do I use them?

With clean fingers, simply twist the container to open, tear the packet of wipes, and load them into the container. Ready to roll! They’re also great for hygienically removing blood from your fingertip after you’ve finished your test. The refills are a small and handy size to carry in your bag.

See here for images.

What’s the active ingredient in the wipes?

2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate, which is a milder concentration of the same antibacterial solution used in hospitals by surgeons to scrub pre-surgery. It’s a non-toxic, non-irritating agent with antiseptic and antimicrobial properties.

Why Chlorhexidine Gluconate instead of alcohol wipes?

Alcohol wipes may clean the finger, but don’t help with giving accurate test results. Residual alcohol can give false low readings, leading to unnecessary hypo treatments, then truly high blood sugar.

Chlorhexidine is also used in mouthwash, as it’s a powerful antibacterial. It removes bacteria and residue from the finger, but allows a true blood glucose reading.

The wipes are for external use only, of course. Just avoid contact with eyes, ears, and try not to eat them! We have independently tested them through the global standards company SGS, and the product is registered with the TGA as a class 1 medical device.

What about shipping and delivery?

Delivery is FREE domestically within Australia! We also ship worldwide for a nominal postage cost.