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You remember I told you about that trip to Canberra? I’ve also been to a place called Jerrawa. To a farm. I don’t know what a farm is, except that you can run there. The girls were confused too, I think, because on another LONG LONG drive (2 more rounds of Frozen. I am going to eat that Snowman if I ever get asked to build another one), they were asking if there would be animals like cows. Kim and Clayton said it’s not that kind of farm, but we were going to stay with heaps of friends and heaps of kids and DOGS. Sweet. Buddies.

They said their friends have a house and had invited us to stay and play. Well – that’s not exactly their words, but that’s what they meant. I met these ‘Kelpie’ dogs, Lily and Holly. Kelpies are CRAZY. I thought I had energy. This dog, Lily is grown up, but she spends most of her time shaped like a circle she’s so busy chasing her own tail. Tail chasing is ok, if you’re REALLY bored (I do it, I won’t lie), but you have to be desperate.


The other dogs had to sleep outside, but I got to stay on the floor right next to my girl, who didn’t go low and didn’t go high. Nevermind. We cuddled, and I met BACON. Wow. I’m just going to pause now, while I reflect on the memory.


I can't even look at this. Too much drool.

I can’t even look at this. Too much drool.

My L taught me to ride a bike (see? soon I’ll be driving), and we went for a ride in the ute to collect firewood. On the way back she started to smell really off. Like that nail polish stuff the mum uses to take off the colour on her nails. I just lay right over the top of her in the back seat and patted her with my paw until she noticed, and did a test. She was low! Awesome! Food! We snuggled in the back of the car till she came back up above 4, then hopped out and played some more.

That’s about all I remember. It was exhausting. Kids kept making me play when I wanted to sleep. Dogs kept making me play when I wanted to sleep. Kim said I had something called FOMO. I have no idea what that means. All the adults ran around like chickens and kept shoving me inside the house when this other nice dog came over from next door to play. Something about me still being a baby dog and not having been de-selected or something?