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DB Wipes Starter kit

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Our starter kit contains a screw top puck and 5 x 30 wipe refill packs.

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Our starter kit contains a screw top container and 5 x 30 wipe refill packs. That’s enough for 150 finger pricks! The 50 mm round orange container has a screw top lid and can hold around 60 wipes. Just tear open the refill packs and re-load your container when needed.

DB Wipes contain no alcohol, and are stored in the small orange container ideally sized to slip into your blood glucose test kit/purse/handbag/ pocket/wherever. They’re also great for hygienically removing blood from your fingertip after you’ve finished your test.

Live your life. Pack your DB Wipes.



DB Wipes are infused with an antiseptic solution of 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate, which will effectively remove any bacteria or dirt from the finger before you test. This is the same solution used in hospitals by surgeons to scrub pre-surgery. Our wipes are independently tested for conformity and registered with the Australian Government Therapeutic Goods Administration as a Class 1 medical device.

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