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Puppy’s daily tip: Super glue tastes bad.

We’re heading back in time today, so you can learn a bit about this ‘family’ thing. So they gave me a crate to sleep in when I first arrived, which is all soft on the top and the sides, and pretty big. It’s quite cosy and zips up at night so I sleep right next to Little L in her bedroom and can smell if she starts to change. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do about it if she does, yet. I’m still wearing my ‘Learner’s’ jacket. I’m NEARLY old enough to drive, but still only a teenager.

When I was about 3 months old they told me we were going to a place called Canberra, to do visiting. I didn’t know what that meant, but it was fun. The big granddaddy dog Herbie was coming too. They packed my crate full of all the important stuff like my dog bowls, and my bed.

I think it went in the back of the ute which is in the air, and then we drove, and drove and drove, and drove. We stopped to wee somewhere really noisy where giant cars with 12 wheels kept stopping and tooting. I was too scared for anything to come out.

The other little girl, Little A, watching Frozen 2.5 times until we got there. She gave me lots of cuddles too in the back seat. It was really weird – when we got there my crate wasn’t there anymore. I don’t know where it went. It think it flew away. Maybe it’s in a tree now with stupid birds sleeping in it, eating out of my bowls, or even worse, putting nests in them. It was pretty awesome though, cos they couldn’t zip me in at night anymore and I got to sleep on Little L’s bed. And run around EVERYWHERE.

There was cake everywhere in this house. It was a house almost made from cake. People kept arriving through the morning, with more cake in boxes. Soon there were boxes of cakes stacked everywhere. Then they all left, and took the cakes with them. These were strange people, living in this house. They also had no dogs so it was lucky Herbie and I came along.

Grandaddy Herbie keeping me warm.

Grandaddy Herbie keeping me warm.

Later we walked to the park. There were people handing over round pieces of metal then taking away all the cakes they had lined up on a table. They called it a ‘stall’. For ‘fundraising’. I don’t understand. Where was my cake?

By the time we got back to the house I was starving. I found a tube of stuff on the ground. One of the kids had given it to me as a toy. Have you seen that Lego movie? I have, three times now. Kraggle. The stuff that President Business uses to stick the universe together and control all the lego guys. It’s also useful in controlling puppy mouths. Mine got stuck together. That stuff tastes BAD. Don’t try it, ok? There’s my Kira puppy tip for the day.

It eventually dissolved after about three days, and it’s not toxic so I didn’t have to go to the vet. I usually like Kim but I didn’t very much that day. She was laughing really hard while she typed “dog ate super glue” into the google thing. On the whole though, Canberra and visiting, both get a paws up.