Look out USA here we come. DB Life has visited the people of Fresno and the Valley area in California to take part in the Fresno JDRF Walk for a cure.

It all started when I confirmed a business trip for late March 2015. After thinking ‘what can I do to spread the word about DB Life while I am in the USA’, I went to the JDRF website and searched there to see if I could find a walk that would be on at the same time. Sure enough I found out that there was a walk going on in Fresno California. I quickly worked out the logistics of getting there in the time I had available and next thing you know I am on the plane carrying about 30 kg of excess luggage to give away. So I registered for the walk, and made an initial donation to my walk page. I needed to work out how to raise some more money. During the conference I was attending I discussed this with many people and I was delighted when some of them were then generous enough to donate to my campaign.

The day of the walk in Fresno was beautiful weather. I armed myself with hundreds of goodie bags full of wipes and other things and joined the walkers. During the walk I was able to chat with many people from the local area and gave away lots of wipes. During these conversations I discovered that in the USA, the main thing used for cleaning little fingers before a blood glucose test is alcohol prep swabs. So there was a lot of interest in our little alcohol-free finger wipes.

As we walked I explained to the many people who I met that our wipes:
– do not dry out little fingers as they contain no alcohol
– were less likely to give a false reading than no wipes or alcohol wipes
– come with a convenient little container
– contain 30 wipes per tear pack instead of 1
– generate less waste
– are colourful and easy to find in a bag/kit
– contain a very safe antibacterial agent –  the very same thing used in mouthwash and “scrubbing in” for surgery!

Needless to say, I had a great day, met some fantastic people and was able to give away lots of wipes.  Stay tuned for US distribution and free postage in the USA… coming soon!