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IMG_3460-1Australia Post has made some changes in 2016

In January this year, Australia post increased their post rates. Thanks a lot Australia Post! But don’t worry there’s some good news…

Although this has made it impossible for DB Life to continue to offer free postage on all wipes orders, we are still doing Free postage on Wipes orders over $25. The other major change this year has been the addition of more and bulkier products to our store many of which require larger more expensive parcel packaging. As you may have discovered, we are already passing on some of the increased cost of postage in depending on what you order.

But the good news is:

  • We will using the Australia Post priority mail service to ensure the fastest possible delivery of wipes via post
  • Free postage remains on Wipes orders over $25
  • We have also signed up Fastway couriers to deliver most of our parcel orders going forward at a reasonable flat rate
  • We also use a custom stamp on every parcel showing “URGENT DELIVERY – DIABETIC SUPPLIES”. This is to ensure that any handler knows that your parcel is very important.

So to summarise what postage you are likely to be up for when you place your order. Please read below for Australian orders:

  • Wipes only orders under $25 – FLAT RATE $2.50 for priority postage.
  • Wipes only orders over $25 – FREE Postage
  • All other orders kinds – FLAT RATE courier parcel service – $7.50

For overseas orders Shipping rates will still vary by destination and weight. So please go through to checkout with your orders and enter your delivery details to get your shipping cost added to your invoice.