What is the Dog Blog? Well – diabetes is not just about health and hospitals. It’s our lives. Sometimes it’s smooth sailing, but sometimes it’s pretty rubbish. Sometimes it’s just about how many carbs are in a chocolate brownie. Sometimes, it’s about choosing a Labrador puppy to be your little girl’s constant companion as a Diabetes Alert Dog, because her hypos are so numerous and unpredictable you need some peace of mind at night.

YES. That last part happened, a few months ago, and the crazy lives of 2 working parents in a diabetes family with a dog and a cat just got CRAZIER with a 3-month old puppy called Kira.I’ll post more information on assistance dogs, and the organisation and Kira’s training as we go, but we’re no experts and are taking baby steps in this process too. The Dog Blog holds her stories, of raising a small human with type 1 diabetes. I hope you’ll feel comfortable coming to chat to us, and to share your stories too. If there are articles or recipes you’d like to see, please drop me (or Kira) a line by email or in comments.

Though she pretty much runs this household at present, we’ve struck a deal, and Kira’s agreed to let me write the odd post on this blog now and again. I used to write my own at Falling Face First for a couple of years, and if she doesn’t let me keep writing sometimes I’ll miss it too much. I read a couple of her posts to my girls, and they had a pretty good chuckle, so if you’re a little bored of the same bedtime stories you may want to read some of Kira’s antics to your small people at bedtime just to mix things up.

This site is about making life easier, but it’s also a place to come and have a rant. A lot of the time it feels like there’s no TIME for diabetes. Type 1 or  type 2 … it’s so time consuming following all the procedures required for pump set changes or working out the correct dosages for insulin injections each and every time; packing your kit to make sure you’re never caught short; doing finger pricks before every meal; looking up the carbs before eating a snack; getting enough sleep so you can manage to wake in the night for tests; and the worst: going hypo just when you’re having heaps of fun and have to stop everything and sit. It sux.

Needles and canulas and finger pricks…. GAH.

Needles and canulas and finger pricks…. GAH.

I’m always good for a chat and ready to share a wine and a whine when it all gets too much. Or to laugh about the good times.

I'm ready whenever you are. Cheers.

I’m ready whenever you are. Cheers.

The rest of this website is about tools and information to make life easier with diabetes, so please get in touch and let me know if there are meals that are a pain to cook without carb information, or other articles you’d like to see.


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